All about Season 2

by Rui Silva 17 Fev 21

Everything we know about Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone Season 2

The Call of Duty: Cold War and Warzone Season 2 release date is February 25. This gives us a week to grind through the remaining tiers of the Season 1 battle pass. If you're close to unlocking some COD Points, or a nice skin, be sure to claim them as soon as possible to avoid missing out when the current battle pass concludes on February 24.

All about Season 2

The Cold War and Warzone Season 2 cinematic trailer gives us a good idea of where we'll be heading next, but it's unclear whether the area shown in the trailer is Warzone's next map, or a new multiplayer map intended for Cold War. Judging by the leaks we've seen so far, the latter is more likely.

New maps, Zombies DLC, and More Weapons in Black Ops Cold War Season Two
Starting with new maps, in earlier leaks, Treyarch included some map files in the game and did not release them during Season One. Therefore, there is a high possibility that these might come to the game with the next season. Of the maps that were a part of the leaks, two are multiplayer maps similar to other Call of Duty games.
The first map is similar to the Jungle map from Black Ops I. It is set in the Vietnam war in most probably in Laos. The map also features in a photograph in the Pines multiplayer map which strengthens its existence in the game. The second map is most probably a version of the Highrise Call of Duty map. Both of these are maps are going to feature 6v6 gameplay.
In addition to 6v6 maps, there is also going to be a new Fireteam map based on a desert theme called Dunes. This comes after a major Fireteam addition in the mid-season update. Treyarch has many things planned for the Fireteam mode, and it appears that the mode is going to be the highlight of Black Ops Cold War alongside Zombies and the Campaign.
Last, but not least, the first Zombies DLC also arrives with the next season. It will be featuring the Vietnam map which the first of the four DLC maps teased previously as part of a Zombies Easter Egg.

All about Season 2

According to previous reports, Season 2 will also introduce the Dragunov sniper rifle to the game. Apart from this, there might be a new LMG, the Galil AR, the Skorpion SMG, and the CZ-75 pistol. On top of these, the Zombies mode might also get the Phallot Tactical rifle not available in the MP mode.
It appears the season update is going to be massive. Therefore, Black Ops Cold War fans have a lot to look forward to for the next 70 days. To sweeten the deal, it is possible that the season arrives earlier since something similar happened with the first season of Modern Warfare.