Battlefield 6: Release date

por Rui Silva 19 Aug 20

Battlefield 6: Release date and everything you need to know

It's key to stress that, for now, there's not a lot of official information to go on when it comes to the next Battlefield game, including when it comes to its release date. We know a few concrete facts, though - DICE is definitely working on the game, and has been putting more and more of its resources into the project in recent months.

In fact, in mid-2020 both Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II, the studio's two big existing multiplayer shooters, saw end-of-life updates released, which confirmed that content will no longer be produced for either title going forward.

This is, according to those familiar with the studio, partly in order to free up those staff members who were working on the games' content calendars, letting them move over to Battlefield 6 to accelerate matters on the new project. On the one hand, that means it's a work in progress, but on the other, we've had no formal announcement about the game, or any sort of release window indicated.

At the moment, that means that we'd assume the game won't appear before mid-to-late 2021, to give DICE and EA the time to finish it and indeed market it. EA, in fact, indicated on a recent earnings call that it'll launch in the fiscal year 2022, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022, so that's apprently its window for now.