Activision anunciou um novo Call Of Duty para 2013

by Admin 14 Fev 13

Did you hear the not so shocking news soldiers? Call of Duty will once again grace this year with its presence and make kids everywhere jump with unparalleled joy. That’s right, Activision broke the news at a conference call today that Call of Duty will indeed release in 2013, with shooter fans giving the same response they do yearly, “we already knew”.

Activision anunciou um novo Call Of Duty para 2013

Now begins the months of speculation and countless rumors flooding the internet, asking what game it could be? Will it have better graphics? Will unicorns feature? Many believe the next title to release in the series will be Modern Warfare 4, which voice actor Bill Murray slipping that he was working on a Call of Duty game in Los Angeles, this however could just be Call of Duty Online.

Speaking of which, during the keynote speech, the publisher also mentioned plenty of details for Call of Duty: Online, which is making its way to the Chinese market swiftly, hoping to expand the franchise right across the country.